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Tyrion's Landing

A podcast by fans, for fans

Jul 13, 2011

Join us as we give our thoughts about season 1 with our special guest Dawn.

Salon'sBest of 2011

George RR Martin onComic Con & Killing Characters

Comic Con Panelinformation

Extra's in Belfast

TheMaid of Tarth is cast

Boobcontroversy &

Jun 25, 2011

Join Jeannie, Nikkie & Rachel as they break down episode 10 Fire and Blood


Are you near Belfast? Do you have a beard? Be anExtra!

Sneakpeak at season 2 Storylines!

Interview with producers DB Weiss & David...

Jun 18, 2011

Sorry about the delay but Show 9 is here!

We have another special guest for this show, Cody.

Join us as we discuss the major upheavels in Episode 9, Baelor.

Here's the links talked about in the show:

Sean Bean onNed Stark

Miss USA is a fan

MUPPETS!!! (Do we need to say more?)

Khal Drogo and Mogo as

Jun 12, 2011

Today we have a special guest! The official censor of theGalactic Watercooler podcast, Barb "Bkitty" Kern.

Honor, mercy, dishonor & ruthlessness, this episode had it all.

Links from the show:

Essay on honor

Peter Dinklagenews

Emelia Clarkeinterview

Nikolaj Coster-Waldauinterview


Jun 5, 2011


This episode we discuss episode 7, You Win Or You Die.

Cast & crewtwitter list

Ratings for Sunday,May 29

Henry Lloyd on Emilia Clarke