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Tyrion's Landing

A podcast by fans, for fans

Aug 17, 2016

This month we're talking about our favorite highlights from season 6. Here are the ones we chose from:

  • Rescue from the Vale
  • Arya’s Sweeney Todd moment
  • Ramsay’s Death
  • Jon standing alone against Ramsay’s army
  • Jon’s resurrection
  • Arya becomes no one & promptly reclaims her identity
  • The Hound’s return
  • Cersei’s revenge
  • Hold the door
  • Benjen returns & then leaves
  • Bran’s time travelling / Tower of Joy
  • Brienne saves Sansa & fulfills her vow to Catelyn
  • Tormund & Brienne
  • Dany, Yara, Missandei
  • Tyrion and the dragons
  • Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm
  • Dany & the slavers
  • Trial by fire
  • The unholy alliance of Margaery & the High Sparrow
  • Jon declared King of the North
  • Dragons! AND SHIPS!
  • Tommen’s death
  • Children of the Forest created the white walkers
  • Blackfish - get off my lawn

Which were yours? Let us know!